If you are searching for a high quality triathlete’s indispensable training tool watch with Heart Rate Monitor, reliable and with a GPS enable but also with inexpensive price, look no more, Garmin 310XT is the best watch of it’s kind I have own. Get the big picture and big features for a small and affordable price with Garmin 310XT. It has many features like swim-proof trainer that tracks bike and run data and sends it wirelessly to your computer. This multi-sport device has up to 20 hours of battery life, tracks distance, pace and heart rate (optional), and goes from wrist to bike in seconds.

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Garmin 310XT Features

According to the specs the 310XT is not much smaller or lighter than the 305, but it FEELS MUCH smaller and lighter. One of the best features of the Garmin 310XT is it’s easy to use interface; It has a large display. But not only that, below I will show you some MAIN features of Garmin 310XT, such as:

Garmin 310XT with GPS and Heart Rate bundle

Bundle With Heart Rate Monitor
Now you can train in a accurate heart rate zone to improve your fitness and also monitor your level of exertion/energy. This bundle includes the optional wireless heart rate monitor. Garmin 310XT continuously tracks beats for every minute and uses heart rate data in advanced calorie computation.

Capture Workout Data
High-sensitivity GPS and HotFix satellite prediction mean Forerunner Garmin 310XT acquires satellites quickly and tracks your movement even close to tall buildings or under tree cover. Garmin 310XT tracks your position accurately with GPS satellite data and records distance, pace, heart rate (optional), power data (from ANT+-enabled third-party power meters) and many more. And using innovative ANT+ wireless technology, Garmin 310XT connects seamlessly to an optional heart rate monitor, foot pod and cadence sensor.

Collect Time While You Swim
Garmin 310XT have a slim design and flexible wristband mean Forerunner is easy to wear in any conditions. The swim-proof Garmin 310XT is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, so you can wear it inside the pool or the lake to calculate the time while you swim.

Workout, Sync, Store and Share

Wireless data upload. Very nice! Their new “Garmin Connect” site is also pretty useful, and the data can be uploaded directly to the Internet. You can even plan workouts on your computer and then send them to your Garmin 310XT. Once you’ve logged the miles, innovative ANT+ wireless technology automatically transfers data to your computer when Garmin 310XT is in range. No need for cables, no hookups at all. The data’s immediately there, ready for you to review, categorize and share through our online community, Garmin Connect or our optional Garmin Training Center software.

Seamless Transition
Garmin 310XT categorizes multisport activities in one workout and can also log transition time in the process, so you can evaluate your performance from start to finish. As you’re ready to jump out of the water and onto the bike then ran, Forerunner 310XT moves easily from wrist to bike with the optional quick release and bike mounts, making the transition between sports seamlessly.

Garmin 310XT Heart Rate Monitor

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Garmin 310 Technical Details

  • Rugged case, Alarm, Clock, Timer, AutoLap, Virtual Partner, AutoPause, Garmin HotFix, ANT+Sport wireless technology
  • Track your position, distance, pace, heart rate (with bundled monitor), add accessories to measure power data and more
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, so you can wear it in the pool or the lake to time your swim
  • Tracks bike and run data and sends it wirelessly to your computer
  • One-year limited warranty



Garmin 310XT Review From Customer

Here is the honest Garmin 310XT Review by Phillis Jefferson that already purchase and use Garmin 310. Check this Garmin Forerunner 310XT Review below:

Garmin 310XT I LIKE it!, April 11, 2012

First, I only use the watch for running, so I cannot comment on the swim/bike functions. I also only run 10K’s and 1/2 marathons. and the battery lasts thru those so far.

Was a bit apprehensive on getting 310 as some of the reviews bothered me.

I had a Garmin 405CX and the backlight went out. since I run in the dark most times, I needed that feature.

While I was not unhappy with the 405, it did have some short comings. I did not have too much issue with the bezel once I learned how to use it, but sweat and moisture (and in the winter ,gloves) did make it hard to navigate thru it sometimes and that would frustrate me. I live in Houston,TX so sweat and humidity are a given. The screen was too small but being smaller was one reason I purchased it. It would just go nuts once in a great while. Even with scrolling turned off, the screen would change. but that probably was the vibration while running with it?

So I purchased the Garmin 310XT to replace it. I absolutely love the 310. I have not had any trouble with it receiving satellites, running out of battery, navigating thru it, setting it up. I like the manual control and even though it is large on my small wrist, I can see the screen. So I can put all the info I want to see at a glance (pace,avg pace, etc) on one screen and any other info I might need on another and scroll to it when I want to see the other information.

My pace and distance compare to what my running friends garmin says.

It is a lot like the 305 that I owned (now my husband owns it and he will not give it back) so I did not have much of a learning curve. They have made some improvements over the 305.

I have only had the watch for 3 weeks, but no problems so far and hopefully it will stay that way.
Some may say the watch may be overkill for just running, but it gives me the feedback that I want easily and that is what counts.

Only regret is that I wish they had a velcro strap for it. I dont like the band as it is either too tight or too loose even with all the adjustment holes it has. I just like the velcro better, had velcro straps on my other watches. If one pin releases, you have less of a chance of losing the watch. It is also easier to put on.

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